Canon 4K EOS-1DC (Mexico Test)

(Sorry for the compresion, there is nothing I can do, this video in Pro Res HQ looks amazing but in this compresions looses a litle bit of the colors we tend to give from the baselight correction).

Camera Tests with Canon EOS-1DC, I tested the camera with various settings, I did not used any cine light, the lighting was available light, the model that we had didn’t had all the settings yet, it was still a prototype, so I knew I could not play with some of the setings like slow motion, I was curious, but I just could’t.
I did mostly tests around the things that I encounter most of times, I push the limits in the camera with ISO and the shutter speed, I even played with lenses either canon cine lenses (CN-E), normal canon lenses and lenses that were not from canon, like vivitar and sigma, they look great.

Anyway, I really believe this is one of the best cameras I have ever used the range of the ISO, is something that works fantastically for me, Like very much the camera on the night scenes, the range is just unbelievable.

I came with an interesting concept of what this camera really is: Because it shots in a new format called “Motion JPG” I believe that as DP’s we have to shoot from the camera as nicer we can with less contrast and less sharpness we can to have grater control on post, any way, we have a format that I can say it compares with what use to be Positive Film (not negative) I believe that shooting with it we have a lot of range on stops but once it gets in the master and you are in color correction you can’t go a lot further like Negative and Raw material, that is why I believe that the next C500 camera from canon will be the absolute choice, because the Video on Raw. But the 1DC is still a very interesting camera, and probably my choice for low light situations, I just shot a comercial with it all in 4K, I did use 1 Fresnel 10K, 2 Fresnel 5K, and 2 Fresnel 2K, on it but because I was shooting against local tungsten lights from the park, the light had to be shoot not so bright, so this is probably my favorite camera for nigh scenes until now.

here are some shots:

Creditos / Credits:

Cinematógrafo: Fito Pardo A.M.C.

Realizador: Juan Carlos Elias

Música (music): Michael Kross

Correccion de color (color correction): Chemistry Cine

Agradecimientos a:

Porsche Mexico
Mario Dominguez
Pista Pegaso Toluca
Hookah Santa Fe
Canon de Mexico

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