Anamorphic Look with out an anamorphic lens

Originally designed for Run N Gun shooting where regular anamorphic lenses could not
go!  These filters will NOT stretch or squeeze to create a true anamorphic image. It
keeps the image at 16:9 and you can crop in post at any ratio you choose.

It mimics characteristics of anamorphic lenses such as the flare or streak and vertically
stretched bokeh. It’s very easy to use and allows you to rack focus your photo lens like
normal. This is a HUGE plus as shooting with real anamorphic attachments requires you
to focus both the anamorphic lens and the photographic lens, making run and gun
shooting pretty much impossible.

This filter is great for when you need those shots that do require rack focusing.

It is mounted on to a smooth rotating filter for easy alignment and assembled with very
sharp optical glass that won’t dull the image. The down side is that your lens will lose 2
stops of light so we recommend fast speed lenses (f1.2 to f2.8). If you are shooting in
out door daylight then using slower speed lenses will work just fine.

And just like an anamorphic lens these filters are meant for use on Prime photographic
lenses. 50mm and tighter for cropped frame cameras like the 7D & T2i and 75mm and
tighter for full frame cameras like the 5D.

Some zoom lenses will work but they’ll need to have smaller fronts. For instance the
Canon 70mm-200mm lens wont work with the filter at any range wider than 200mm
because the front lens element is too wide and can’t shoot through the bokeh effect
element in the filter.

Also as with Anamorphic attachments, the ideal lenses are older Canon FD and Nikon
lenses that have the smaller 52mm to 58mm front filter diameters. 50mm f1.8, 80mm f2,
100mm f2.8, 135mm f2.8 have given some of the very best results. The old Russian M42
and Pentax M42 lenses also work very well.

All of these lenses are built well and can be found on ebay for very cheap.

Surce: Cinemorph VAMP

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